1: 2012 Olympic champ Gabby Douglas returns to compete at the American Classic after 8 years.

2: Don't miss Gabby Douglas' long-awaited comeback at the American Classic competition.

3: Gabby Douglas, a 2012 Olympic champion, makes her return to the gymnastics scene.

4: After 8 years, Gabby Douglas is back in action at the American Classic event.

5: Fans are thrilled as Gabby Douglas competes for the first time in 8 years.

6: Gabby Douglas, a gymnastics legend, returns to the sport at the American Classic.

7: 2012 Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas makes a comeback at the American Classic.

8: Gabby Douglas' return to competitive gymnastics at the American Classic is highly anticipated.

9: Witness Gabby Douglas' triumphant return to the mat at the American Classic competition.

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