1: Jiffy Corn Bread Uncover the secret ingredients for a tastier twist on traditional cornbread.

2: Sour Cream Add richness and moisture to your cornbread with a dollop of sour cream.

3: Honey Drizzle honey into the batter for a touch of sweetness and depth of flavor.

4: Green Chilies Kick up the heat with diced green chilies for a spicy surprise in every bite.

5: Cheddar Cheese Upgrade your cornbread with a sprinkle of sharp cheddar cheese for extra cheesy goodness.

6: Bacon Bits Crispy bacon bits add a savory crunch and smoky flavor to your cornbread.

7: Jalapenos Slice jalapenos for a fiery kick that will take your cornbread to the next level.

8: Buttermilk Substitute buttermilk for a tangy twist that will enhance the overall flavor of your cornbread.

9: Pumpkin Mix in pumpkin puree for a seasonal twist that adds a sweet and earthy flavor to your cornbread.