1: Tragedy strikes as highway collapses in flood-hit southern China, leaving at least 19 dead. Stay tuned for updates on the devastating incident.

2: Rescue efforts underway as authorities work to recover victims trapped by the collapsed highway in southern China. Thoughts and prayers for those affected.

3: Heartbreaking scenes as families mourn loved ones lost in the flood-hit southern China highway collapse. The nation stands united in grief and solidarity.

4: Investigations begin to determine the cause of the deadly highway collapse in flood-hit southern China. Authorities vow to hold those responsible accountable for the tragedy.

5: International support pours in for flood-hit southern China as the nation mourns the loss of at least 19 lives in the highway collapse. Unity in times of sorrow.

6: Calls for improved infrastructure and disaster preparedness in flood-prone areas like southern China grow louder following the tragic highway collapse. A wake-up call for action

7: Memorial services held for the victims of the highway collapse in flood-hit southern China. Remembering those who lost their lives in the tragic incident.

8: Community outreach and support programs launched to aid the families affected by the southern China highway collapse. Standing together in times of need.

9: Remembering the victims and honoring their memories in the aftermath of the devastating highway collapse in flood-hit southern China. Never forgotten, forever in our hearts.