1: In 1968, Columbia students occupied a building in protest. Today, students are also occupying a building. How do these protests compare?

2: The 1968 protest at Columbia focused on Vietnam War opposition. Today's protest addresses climate change and racial justice. How do they differ?

3: Back in 1968, students demanded university reform. Similarly, current protesters are seeking structural change. What are the commonalities between the two?

4: Both protests at Columbia faced police intervention and arrests. How has law enforcement's response evolved from 1968 to now?

5: Media coverage of the 1968 protests changed public opinion. How has social media influenced coverage and perception of current protests?

6: The outcome of the 1968 Columbia protest impacted university policies. How might today's protest shape future institutional changes?

7: In 1968, students clashed with administrators over rights. How do current protesters navigate their demands with university officials?

8: Student activism in 1968 set a precedent for future movements. What lessons can today's protesters learn from past actions?

9: Both protests showcase the power of student solidarity and activism. How can historical context inform and inspire present-day movements?