1: Tesla accelerates Supercharger expansion, but Elon Musk warns of slower growth pace ahead.

2: New challenges for Tesla's Supercharger team as network rapid expansion faces hurdles.

3: Elon Musk reveals plans for slower Supercharger network growth, but promises improvements.

4: Tesla Fires Supercharger team to ensure network growth at a steadier, sustainable pace.

5: Elon Musk confirms changes to Tesla Supercharger team to maintain quality over quantity.

6: Tesla's Supercharger team faces restructuring for sustainable network growth, says Elon Musk.

7: Changes to Tesla Supercharger team signal shift towards slower, more strategic expansion.

8: Elon Musk addresses concerns over Supercharger network growth, hints at future improvements.

9: Tesla Fires Supercharger team, emphasizes focus on steady, sustainable network growth.