1: Almond milk may not be as sustainable as you think. It requires a high amount of water and pesticides to grow almonds.

2: Oat milk is a great alternative that requires less water and emits fewer greenhouse gases compared to almond milk.

3: Soy milk is a popular choice for its high protein content and lower environmental impact compared to almond milk.

4: Rice milk is a dairy-free option that is accessible for those with allergies, but it may not be the most sustainable choice.

5: Hemp milk is a sustainable option that requires less water and land to produce compared to almond milk.

6: Coconut milk has a high environmental impact due to the amount of land and water needed to grow coconuts.

7: Pea milk is a new alternative that is gaining popularity for its sustainable production methods and high protein content.

8: Cashew milk is a creamy option that may not be the most sustainable due to the high water and energy requirements for production.

9: Ultimately, oat and soy milk are among the best plant-based milk options for the planet. Consider these choices for a more sustainable diet.