1. Many fans speculated that new character Teeter would have a romantic relationship with Colby, but the show's creator has confirmed this is not the case.

2. Some viewers believed that Wade Morrow would return as a ghost or in a dream sequence, but that theory has been debunked.

3. Several theories suggested that Rip's father would appear in Season 5, but producer Taylor Sheridan has revealed this will not happen.

4. Fans thought that the Season 4 finale hinted at a possible pregnancy for Monica, but this theory has been proven false by the show's writers.

5. Many viewers believed that Kayce Dutton would die in the Season 4 finale, but this theory was quickly debunked when Kevin Costner signed on for Season 5.

6. Fans have theorized that Beth and Rip will get married in Season 5, but actress Kelly Reilly has stated that their romance will face challenges in the upcoming season.