1. Teeter's character in Yellowstone Season 5 undergoes significant development, as she learns to balance her tough exterior with vulnerability.

2. Through her interactions with fellow ranchers and her love interest, Colby, Teeter's layers are slowly peeled back, revealing a complex and empathetic woman.

3. As she grapples with abandonment issues and her past trauma, Teeter's growth is both heartbreaking and inspiring.

4. In Season 5, Teeter's role expands beyond just a feisty barrel racer to a key player in the plot, showcasing her resilience and determination.

5. As she learns to let down her guard and trust those around her, Teeter's transformation is a testament to the power of love and relationships.

6. Through her witty quips and tough demeanor, Teeter adds a much-needed layer of humor and levity to the intense drama of Yellowstone.